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The importance of print managers

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You operate with a sharp eye on your bottom line. As well you should. It’s an essential consideration for any business, regardless of your size, scope or sector. That focus on the budget naturally affects how you think about many integral areas of your organization, including corporate printing—and more specifically, corporate printer management.

But here’s something you might not have considered: There are massive cost savings just waiting to be had in nearly all corporate print environments. Most organizations—understandably wary of jeopardizing their bottom line by investing in expensive, non-essential infrastructure—tend to make do with conventional print management solutions. Sure, those solutions have plenty of drawbacks, but at least their frustration and inefficiency are predictable. Or so the rationale goes.

What organizations like these don’t realize is that the status quo is losing them money every single day. Corporate printer management has been proven time and time again to decrease costs and increase return on investment (ROI) significantly—not as a one-time or short-term benefit, either, but indefinitely.

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